Tracing Lines conference

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham hosted the Tracing Lines conference, which examined how trans-European route the E40, which runs from France to Kazakhstan, might be conceived, mapped, experienced and ‘understood’, in relation to post-Soviet politics of Central Asia.

Presentations by artists, filmmakers, film theorists, historians and archaeologists span a range of topics including film, archaeology, the politics of authoritarianism, and water in Central Asia.

Visiting speakers included Dr Tim Williams, senior lecturer at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology and Dr Rico Isaacs, senior lecturer of International Studies at Oxford Brookes, whilst UCA was  represented by Simon Pruciak, Helen Kirwan and chair of the panel Dr Dominic Rahtz.

The conference used as its starting point the James Hockey Gallery’s  exhibition, Image of the Road, which features images and video captured by Helen and Simon when they travelled and documented the 10,600 mile route in 2013.

For the Video recording of the day please click here.